Collective decision-making

Interview Date May 2020

The University of Hamburg invites applications for a Research associate position in collective decision-making.

Admission to the programme:

A Master’s degree in a research oriented Master’s program in Economics, Philosophy or Political Science or in an interdisciplinary Master’s program involving these disciplines. The Master’s program should be closely related to the graduate program. On completion of the Master’s degree (including a Bachelor’s degree) applicants must have reached the equivalent of 300 ECTS points. The Master’s degree must have been awarded by a recognized university or equivalent institution of higher education. Research associates must have an excellent command of English. 


Research associates have to complete the doctoral qualification program and to write a doctoral dissertation in Economics, Philosophy or Political Science on a topic related to the research program of the graduate program. Presence in Hamburg is required (except for research related absences). 

More information about the programme, the application procedure and required documents is available on this site.