Welcome to the homepage of the Polish Law and Economics Society (PSEAP)!

2018 Conference

On May 25-26 this year. we organized our annual international conference (6th Polish Law and Economics Conference). Over 50 people from various research centers in the world took part in it as well as students and sympathizers of economic analysis of law. Among the invited guests on the first day of the conference, the inaugural lecture was given by prof. Georg von Wangenheim from the University of Kasell “Evolutionary Law and Economics Wanted – Dead or Alive”? On the second day, which included a special behavioral seminar – prof. Alexander Stremitzer from ETZ Zurich / University of Los Angeles delivered a lecture on “Law & Promises”. The organization of the conference was supported by the Warsaw School of Economics, University of Lodz, University of Warsaw, SWPS. C.H. Beck was the patron of the conference.

About us

Polish Association of Law & Economics (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Ekonomicznej Analizy Prawa – PSEAP), founded in 2005, gathers Polish academics involved in Economic Analysis of Law and aims, in particular, at promoting the scientific movement of Law & Economics in Poland by introducing initiatives developing this field, organizing seminars and conferences, as well as collecting and spreading knowledge. Continue reading “About us”


WINIR2019 Conference – first details

World Interdisciplinary Network (WINIR) for Institutional Research and the Lund University (Sweden) inform that the WINIR2019 conference will take place on 19-22 September 2019 at the Lund University. The event will be dedicated to contemporary challenges and dynamics of the economic, political, legal and social institutions of our time. Complete session proposals must be received by 14 …