MaCCI Law & Economics Conference

The MaCCI Law & Economics Conference will be hosted by the Leibnitz Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim, on November 14-15, 2019.

Conference objectives:

The conference will provide an international platform for exchange and discussion between academic researchers and practitioners in public authorities, legal counsel, and economic consultancies.

The MaCCI Law and Economics Conference is organized for the ninth time since the inaugural edition in 2011. It is our ambition to stimulate and disseminate research in the field of innovation policy, competition, market design,  and regulation.

This year the topic is “Intellectual Property Proceedings”. The conference will consist of two keynote lectures and four panel discussions covering the following topics.

  • Proportionality of Injunctions in Patent Law
  • Trade Secrets – Valuation and Protection
  • What is FRAND?
  • Using Alternative Dispute Resolution to Strike a FRAND Deal


  • Nathan Wajsman: Chief Economist EU Intellectual Property Office, Alicante, Spain
  • Gary Moss: Partner at EIP Europe LLP, London, UK

Further details and call for papers are available on this website.