2017 Conference

The 5th Polish Law and Economics Conference was held at Warsaw School of Economics on May 19-20, 2017.

Many legal and economic scholars were in attendance, sharing experiences from practice and scientific activities. The conference keynote speech was given by prof. Klaus Mathis on „The Behavioural Turn in Law and Economics, Nudging and Liberatrian Paternalism and by Prof. Jeff Rachliński who gave an remote lecture on “Intuition, Deliberation, and Decision Making: Why Judges, Lawyers, and Other Professionals Make Mistakes”. The Conference consisted of many specialized panels, among others, on Intellectual Property Law, Tax Law, Enviromental Law. Impact of many institutions was noticeable as Warsaw School of Economics, Faculty Science University of Warsaw, SWPS University, Center for Economic Analyses of Public Sector and Students’ Association of Law and Economics at Warsaw School of Economics made this conference possible.